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Writing UDP Data Sender and Receiver in C

The sender program is a UDP datagram sender that can be configured through command line options. It initializes Winsock, creates a UDP socket, and either connects to a recipient’s IP address or uses sendto() to send datagram messages. The receiver program complements the sender by receiving UDP datagrams.

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ICMP Ping Program in C

This sample illustrates how an ICMP ping app can be written using the SOCK_RAW socket type and IPPROTO_ICMP protocol. By creating a raw socket, the underlying layer does not change the protocol header so that when we submit the ICMP header nothing is changed so that the receiving end will see an ICMP packet. Additionally, we use the record route IP option to get a round trip path to the endpoint. Note that the size of the IP option header that records the route is limited to nine IP addresses.

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graphics: graphics.h Header File

This is the graphics.h header file which contains all the graphics functions and their implementations. It is quite nice to have a look at header files just to know more about functions and their parameters. Also it tells about different structures, enums defined in the file for specific purpose.

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