Add time using structures in C++

Write a program having a structure named Time which has three integer data items i.e. hour, minute and second. The task is to add the variables of the Time data type though a function

void AddTime(Time *time1, Time *time2)

which takes as arguments the addresses of two Time type variables, adds these variables and stores the result […]

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Common Text Transformation Library

Common Text Transformation Library, CTTL for short, is a set of C++ classes and functions to understand and modify text data. The library implementation is based on STL classes and algorithms.

The library provides components for creating lexical analyzers making practical use of EBNF grammars. Template meta-programming and operator overloading offer features to write expressions that […]

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Reading Files

This is a small C language program that can read a text file. The program is given file name as command parameter and it reads the file line by line. The program will print out number of characters and words in each line. The program will also print out the number of lines in the […]

Great Librarian 2.00.1

This is a C programming code by which a librarian can operate his library more fast. Students details can be added, updated and can issue multiple books. Progam shows different information about library including numbers of books and students. Books can also be added and updated. Books can be added along with title, author and […]

Demonstration of Linked list in java

This is a very simple demonstration of linked list in java programming language. Very nice and well commented java source code for beginners. User can “get” and “set” the list items as well as traverse through “previous” and “next ” items. This java program can create a linked list using one object or an array […]

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Stack Implementation in Java

An object of type IntStack is a stack of real numbers, with the standard stack operations push(int N), pop(), and isEmpty(). A makeEmpty() operation is also provided to remove all items from the stack.

Internally, the stack is implemented as a linked list.

* MYCPLUS Sample Code – […]

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Validating the email address in ASP

The IsValidEmail function checks for a valid email, IsValidEmail returns True if the email address is a valid email, IsValidEmail returns false if the email address isn’t proper syntax. The code is well commented and should explain what is happening .

This code checks for @ and a . period sign as well as only acceptable […]

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Factorial of a Number

This program calculates the the factorial of an integer number entered by the user. The function uses for loop to calculate the factorial and returns the number. Program terminates if a non integer number is entered. This C language program uses for loop in just a single statement to calculates the factorial of integer number. […]