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4 Proven Ways to Learn Programming Online

Today, the entire world relies on the internet for commerce, communication, entertainment, and even education. Thanks to this increased dependence on digital technologies, there’s now a greater demand for professionals with tech expertise. Data from business technology magazine CIO shows that 52% of companies intend to add new tech positions in 2022. Among the most highly sought-after jobs include database administration, software development, programming, web development, and systems analysis.

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Is C++ a Good Programming Language for Kids?

Coding is undoubtedly among the greatest skills anyone can have in the current digital era. With the advancing and increased use of technology, programming has become an important skill, mostly because most websites and apps depend on it. That said, C++ is among the commonly used programming languages that most students in kid’s coding classes easily wonder whether they should start learning it or not.

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Learn to code or learn to program

We propose “Learn to Program” rather than “Learn to Code” so that you can think independent of any programming language or framework. A programmer solving a software problem in C two decades ago is similar to solving the problem using the latest language in 2021. What is changed is the programming language to solve the problem; however, steps to solve the problem or design of the problems is more or less the same.

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