Tag: C Programming

C Program to Add Sequence of Numbers

This C program reads a sequence of positive integers as input by the user and print their sum. The program keeps on taking the input from user until user enters number ( 0 ) and program calculates the sum of all input numbers. Finally this C program prints the sum of all the numbers on screen and terminates.

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C Programming: Example C Program to Understand Functions

This C source code demonstrates the implementation of fundamental mathematical operations using functions in the C programming language. It includes functions for calculating the square of a number, reading user input, and determining the area of a rectangle. The main program showcases the usage of these functions with specific values, providing a practical example for beginners to understand basic C programming concepts.

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Copying One File to another in C

This is a simple C program that copies the contents of one file onto another file. It is similar to Unix’s cp  command. This C program is called with two parameters i.e. the names of two files. The contents of the file referenced in second parameter are copied onto the file which is referenced by first parameter. 

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