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OS stats in PHP

Shows the OS statistics and information about OS./******************************************************* * MYCPLUS Sample Code – https://www.mycplus.com * * * * This code is made available as a service to our * * visitors...

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Java color chooser Appelt

A ColorChooserApplet shows six scroll bars that the user can manipulate to set the red, gree, blue, hue, brightness, and saturation components of a color. A color patch shows the selected color, and there are six labels that...

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Keyboard Animation Applet – Java

The KeyboardAnimation2 applet provides a generic framework for applets both display an animation and respond to keyboard events. The animation runs only when the applet has the keyboard focus and can respond to key presses. The...

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Laout managers applet demo

This applet demonstrates various layout managers. The applet itself uses a border layout with a JPanel in the center, a JComboBox menu to the North, and a JLabel to the south. The center panel uses a CardLayout. Each card in the...

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Moving ball applet – Java

This is a Java class that uses some trigonometry and vector mathematics in its implementation.  An object of type MovingBall holds data about a “ball” that has a color, radius, position, speed, and direction. The ball is restricted to moving around inside a rectangle in the xy-plane. The ball can draw itself in a graphics context and will move when it is told to move.

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Java network chat Applet

This applet simulates a network chat, in which the user chats with someone over a network. Here, there is no network. The partner is simulated by a thread that emits strings at random. The point of the simulation is to show how...

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Mouse Events Information Applet

A simple applet that displays information about mouse events as they occur. Since double-buffering is not used, the display flickers quite a bit./******************************************************* * MYCPLUS Sample Code...

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