This is a very basic C++ program that demonstrates data protection in a very simple way.

Data protection in Object Oriented Programming is controlling access to all attributes is one of the most important concepts of object-oriented design. By using methods to control access to attributes you can provide a much higher level of security for your class as well as providing many programming advantages.


#include <iostream.h>

class rectangle { // A simple class
int height;
int width;
int area(void); // with two methods
void initialize(int, int);

int rectangle::area(void) //Area of a rectangle
return height * width;

void rectangle::initialize(int init_height, int init_width)
height = init_height;
width = init_width;

struct pole {
int length;
int depth;

rectangle box, square;
pole flag_pole;

box.initialize(12, 10);
square.initialize(8, 8);

flag_pole.length = 50;
flag_pole.depth = 6;

cout << "The area of the box is " <<
box.area() << "\n";
cout << "The area of the square is " <<
square.area() << "\n";

Output of the Program:

The area of the box is 120

The area of the square is 64