Example that uses an enumerated type variable.
This example uses enumerated type is used in C++ in exactly the same way it was used in ANSI-C with one small exception, the keyword enum is not required to be used again when defining a variable of that type, but it can be used if desired.

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enum game_result {win, lose, tie, cancel};

game_result result;
enum game_result omit = cancel;

for (result = win;result <= cancel;result++) { if (result == omit) cout << "The game was cancelled\n"; else { cout << "The game was played "; if (result == win) cout << "and we won!"; if (result == lose) cout << "and we lost."; cout << "\n"; } } }// Result of execution // // The game was played and we won! // The game was played and we lost. // The game was played // The game was cancelled[/code]