Low-cost streaming devices from Amazon and Roku two of the hottest streaming devices around. These products have often discounted down to around $25 for end of the year sales.

Google, which first launched Chromecast in 2013. Initially the product was aimed at early adopters and serious tech nerds.

Google’s announcement Wednesday of a new $49.99 Chromecast (available by Oct. 15). The product has already shown up this week on Home Depot and Walmart shelves.

The new Chromecast features an oval-shaped form factor. The device ships with a voice remote which can be also used to control other devices like TV and soundbars through Google Assistant. The Nest Audio smart speaker is positioned between the Nest Mini and the Google Home Max. It has arrived as the successor to the Google Home smart speaker.

This is the hands down the most interesting of its presentation, and the one most likely to end up in more consumers homes. The difference this year: the $49.99 unit comes with a remote control, which it has lacked in the past.

Also announced were two new smartphones ($499 and $699) and a redesigned Google Home smart speaker with better sound, selling for $99.