The whole tech world is debating the outcomes of artificial intelligence and the role that AI will play in shaping our future.

Although we may feel that artificial intelligence is a few years away from having any significant consequences for the rest of our lives, the reality remains that it is now having a huge impact on us.

Artificial intelligence consistently influences our decisions and lifestyles. All in all, read on as we reveal 5 examples of artificial intelligence that you use in your daily life:

1. Search engine and Social media feeds

On the random side, that you feel that brilliant vehicles won’t hit you one by one since they’re still not in your nation or city, well, what about something you consistently use.

Whether you’re living under a stone, there’s a high probability that you’re tweeting from below.

On the random side, that Twitter isn’t your choice for toxic content, maybe it’s Facebook or Instagram, or Snapchat, or any of the many web-based media applications out there.

If you happen to use social media, the vast majority of your decisions are influenced by artificial intelligence.

2. Online Ads Network

Perhaps the biggest customer of artificial intelligence is the online advertising industry, which uses AI to track customer insights and serve us promotions that depend on these measurements.

Without AI, the online advertising industry would simply fall flat, showing customers irregular promotions that have nothing to do with their propensities, whatever.

Artificial intelligence has become so prolific in determining our propensities and serving us promotions that the global computerized advertising industry has surpassed $250 billion and the business has expanded to $300 billion in 2019.

So the next time you see advertisements or article suggestions on the Internet, you realize that AI is affecting your life.

3. Optical character recognition

There was a time when you have to read the image and then write the text on it. Whether it’s an old office document or a text that you have to edit, OCR can help you in this regard.

Optical character recognition is the artificial intelligence application that helps you to detect text from image to modify.

There are different image to text converter which are available online and you can use them free. Moreover, these tools provide the result immediately and accurately.

4. Route and Travel

Anyway, if there are a few more doubters, let’s take a few more models. This industry has the vast majority of us venture out now and then and use the route on the right around a routine.

Are you aware that whether you’re using Google or Apple Maps to explore, or calling an Uber or booking a plane ticket, you’re using AI?

All in all, in case you didn’t realize it before, it’s time to open your eyes.

Google, Apple, and other route administrators all use artificial intelligence to decode the countless information points they receive to give you continuous traffic information.

At the point, you call an Uber, both the estimate and the vehicle that coordinates your ride demand are selected by AI.

5. Security and monitoring

While we would all be able to discuss the morality of using a broad educational framework, how it is used is undeniable, and AI has a big impact.

It is not feasible for humans to continue to watch multiple screens with hundreds, if not a huge number of cameras simultaneously, and from now on, the use of AI bodes well.

As advances like item recognition and facial recognition improve every day, it will not be long before all the surveillance cameras that are being looked after are reviewed by an AI and not by a human.

This will be our future before artificial intelligence can be fully implemented.