Networking–it’s not just for the office any more. Here’s how to get all your electronic devices on the same team Ready to plunge into creating your own home network? You couldn’t ask for a better guide through the networking maze than PC Magazine contributing editor Les Freed.

From why you should network to whether you need a switch or a hub and how to hook in your Playstation, reading this book is like having Les drop by and set the whole thing up for you. And you don’t even need to move those back issues of PC Magazine off the couch. With expert advice, you can’t go wrong Check out all the advantages of a home network Get a crash course in networking technology Design the network that fits your needs and your budget Compare wired and wireless products Learn how to prepare your computers for networking Whip up a specialized recipe from the Home Networking Cookbook Protect your investment with troubleshooting tips Build a network using the existing wiring in your home Discover how to keep your private information private Make all your home entertainment devices part of the network Visit

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