Once you hook up your PC to a network, it’s not a personal computer anymore. You are now part of a network of computers. You don’t need to have a PhD to understand the benefits of networking. In fact, you learned everything you need to know in kindergarten: Networks are all about sharing. Specifically, networks are about sharing files, resources, and programs. Do you share information by copying files to a floppy disk and passing on the disk? Do you wait in line to use the computer that has the customer database? You need a network! Perhaps you already have a network, but find that your computing life is more complicated than before.

Fully revised to cover Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019, this new edition of the trusted Networking For Dummies helps both beginning network administrators and home users to set up and maintain a network. Updated coverage of broadband and wireless technologies, as well as storage and back-up procedures, ensures that you’ll learn how to build a wired or wireless network, secure and optimize it, troubleshoot problems, and much more.

This is also your go-to guide if you Work with a Laptop, and either have a network or are thinking about getting one. Want to save money by holding online meetings or videoconferences. Are a Macintosh user who wants to network Macintosh computers. Are clueless about what a network is. Are a network user who want to know how to get the most out of it. From network newbie to network guru, you’ll find out everything you need to know about using, building, and managing a network. You also discover how to Gain Internet access for your users Create your own Web page Set up a wireless network Use a network printer, Deal with receiving and sending e-mail, Resolve network problems Tune into security issues Protect your network data Work with cables, hubs, and switches.

The language is friendly; you don’t need a graduate education to get through it. And the occasional potshot will help unseat the hallowed and sacred traditions of network Dom, bringing just a bit of fun to an otherwise dry subject. The goal is to bring the lofty precepts of networking down to earth where you can touch them and squeeze them and say, “What’s the big deal? I can do this!”

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