A handbook covering wireless hardware design, including such topics as modulation, oscillators, and mixers. The CD-ROM contains microwave circuit simulation software, electromagnetic simulation software, National’s PLL design program, and Agilent’s AppCAD circuit design program.

Design an entire radio system from the ground up instead of relying on a simple plug-in selection of circuits to be modified. Avoid an arduous trek through theory and mathematical derivations. Cotter Sayre?s Complete Wireless Design covers wireless hardware design more thoroughly than any other handbook ?and does it without burying you in math.

This new guide from today?s bestselling wireless author gives you all the skills you need to design wireless systems and circuits. If you want to climb the learning curve with grace, and start designing what you need immediately, this reasonably priced resource is your best choice. It?s certain to be the most-used reference in your wireless arsenal for designing cutting-edge filters, amplifiers, RF switches, oscillators, and more.

Simplified calculations for impedance matching, analysis of wireless links, and completing a frequency plan Real-world examples of designing with RFIC?s and MMIC?s Full circuit and electromagnetic software simulations

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