Category: Hardware

VHDL : Programming By Example

Synopsis VHDL is a leading hardware description language. This text teaches VHDL through a series of practical examples, building in complexity until the reader is capable of designing a fully functional CPU. Key features...

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Starter’s Guide to Verilog 2001

For undergraduate courses in Advanced Digital Logic and Advanced Digital Design in departments of electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science. Introducing the Verilog HDL in a brief format, this text...

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Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks

Put a hacker in a room with a Furby for a weekend and you’ll hear a conversation that’s fairly one-sided in its originality. Toss in an 802.11b network card, a soldering iron, wire cutters, a logic probe, and a few...

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PC Hardware in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition

A longtime favorite among PC users, the third edition of the book now contains useful information for people running either Windows or Linux operating systems. Written for novices and seasoned professionals alike, the book is...

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