Author: M. Saqib

Find the longest common sub-sequence between two strings: Dynamic Programming Algorithm

This C program finds the longest common sub-sequence between two strings. It implements the most famous dynamic programming algorithm. Dynamic programming is a computational technique used to solve complex problems by breaking them down into smaller subproblems and solving each subproblem only once, storing the solution to each subproblem and using it to solve larger problems.

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Base Converter V1.1

You can convert all sorts of numbers i.e. including real numbers ( 1.23 etc. ). Plus A Memory game to get your mind and time ticking all the time. The graphics are improved. Use of mouse makes it far more easier to use. Altogether Amazing program.

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Telephone Directory Program in C

This is telephone directory program written in C and uses BGI Graphics to display data. The program takes Name, Phone Number, Mobile Number, Address and saves it in newly created file.

The program also shows saved record on screen. User can find and delete the records too.

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