Month: Updated Jan 11, 2022

Torque 3D: Everything about Garage Games 3D Engine

Torque 3D, or TGE, is an open-source gaming engine that was developed by Dynamix for the first-person shooter game Tribes 2 in 2001. It was known as Torque2d back then. In September 2012, the Garage Games released Torque 3D as an open-source gaming engine under the MIT license, and they have been maintaining it to this day.

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Tombstone Game Engine: The Successor of C4 Engine

The Tombstone is the successor to the C4 Game Engine. The Tombstone Game Engine is a commercial-based gaming engine that is not only capable of targeting newer machines like PlayStation 5’s and Xbox one but also can target major and more advanced desktop platforms like AMD Ryzen series and core i9 series.

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What is Stratagus: Everything About Stratagus Game Engine

Stratagus is a free and open-source gaming engine that’s used to build real-time video games. It’s a cross-platform Gaming Engine licensed under the GNU GPL-2.0 only. It’s written mostly in C++ and the configuration language for Stratagus is Lua. It included support for playing over the internet/LAN or computer as an enemy. The engine was made configurable and can be used to create games with a very wide range of special features that users need.

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