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Is C++ still a good language to learn for 2023?

C++ is a basic programming language that is used ubiquitously to create the back end of various products. Despite lagging behind in the TIOBE rankings, his status has not changed. Most companies cannot do without it, so they always hire C++ developers on their staff. There are plenty of purposes for using the language:

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Top 10 Programming Books For Learning C++17

C++17 is the next level evolution in modern C++ programming. It was officially standardized in December 2017, giving the developers a wealth of new features to write better codes. Adopting C++17 is a much easier step as adopting C++11. C++17 contains a huge number of library features and valuable language that can support and change the way we do programming in C++.

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C++ 17 – New and Removed Features

You must have heard that C++17 is now feature full or feature complete. C++ 17 is the most recent version of C++ programming language revised by ISO/IEC 14882 standard. Its specification reached the DIS (Draft International Standard) stage in March 2017 and after approval, the final standard was published in December 2017. Hundreds of proposals were put forward for updating the features in C++17.

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