Freshly, smartphone organizations have been extending their portfolios with smart TVs. And this is reasonable. Android TV is getting more inexpensive, and individuals are more intrigued than any other time in recent memory in buying an advanced gadget.

Notable organizations like OnePlus, Nokia, Xiaomi, Realme and Honor have just dispatched their items in this section. OPPO plans to deliver its smart TV dependent on the examples of its rivals.

During the OPPO Developer Conference 2020; officials announced that the company’s ecosystem will be expanded with a TV that will launch in October. 

Yi Wei, CEO of OPPO, didn’t give subtleties on the forthcoming TV; however explained that its delivery will be a key advance towards growing the organization’s environment of gadgets. Rumors highlight two sizes – 55″ and 65″, with various controllers. The TV ought to offer novel highlights, yet which ones are at present obscure.

Taking into account that OPPO’s BBK holding partners OnePlus and Realme have just delivered their brilliant TVs, it should not shock anyone that Oppo has chosen to deliver their gadget. The main astonishing thing is that not all that soon.