Is It Possible to Be Anonymous Online?

Can you take complete control of your online privacy? It is possible to a certain degree. As long as you go online, you will give away certain details. However, there are ways to minimize tracking and enjoy more privacy and a safer experience.

Is C++ a Good for Kids

Can Kids Learn C++?

Learning computer programming languages is no longer a trend but a necessity in several parts of the world. The real issue for many parents and perhaps people who understand coding and the depth of C++ is one – can the kids really understand C++? The answer is Yes, and No. It depends on two main factors. First is your kid’s age, and second is whether there’s a reliable teacher or coach to guide them. If your kid is below 8 years, learning C++, even with the help of a teacher, would prove quite challenging.


Why everyone should use a VPN app in 2021

Your data is the most valuable thing to companies and organizations around the world. Whether it’s your browsing habits being harvested or your devices being hacked by cybercriminals, not securing yourself online is the same as leaving your front door wide open.

best video editing tools

How to Stream High-Quality HD Videos Online

If you love to stream videos, you know how frustrating it is when the video quality isn’t good enough. Streaming high-quality HD videos online can be difficult and expensive. The problem is that many different things can affect the streaming quality of your videos, such as your internet connection or the device you’re using to watch it on.


Is JavaScript Suitable For Your Online Business Development?

JavaScript is one of the most popular scripting languages worldwide. It is used by companies and businesses of all sizes to deliver excellent products and services. If you wonder what this technology is good for and how much a full-stack Java engineer costs, this article will give you answers.

Benefits of AI in e-business

What are the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in e-business?

Handling an eCommerce business amid the increasing market competition is becoming more and more complex. But thanks to AI, while you may be behind in assets compared to the giant retailers in the market, you can utilize comparative technologies to make your organization effective and exceptionally noticeable.

Software Architecture with C++

Book Review – Software Architecture with C++

Overall this is a good reference book to have in the shelf. This is highly recommended book on C++ for relatively experienced programmers and knowledge of C++. The authors share practical code example with most of the design principles discussed in this book.

Tips to Improve Data Security

How to Keep Your Data Secure with Password Protection

In this time of technology and the internet, all valuable and important documents or data are saved online. It could be your Google drive or something else. Some people or companies used their private servers to save data online. Your data is a very important thing to you that’s why you should keep it secure from others. You should keep it private from the attackers as well as the malware or viruses.

best screencasting tools

What is Screencasting and Why Use It?

The modern market offers a rich array of programs to edit video and audio and capture the screen activity. Some of them are open-source, while others require additional expenses. Some options come with additional features, while others are dedicated software for screen recording. Your choice will depend on your purposes, expectations, and budget.

COVID Impact on Web Design

How Did COVID Impact Web Design?

Web design saw a significant increase in demand during the pandemic, especially as the population remained stuck at home. Most businesses took this opportunity to create new websites and redesign their existing web presence. This explains why young adults are taking online coding classes to learn web design languages. Even though the future of this pandemic cannot be predicted, below are ways that COVID affected web design.