The SFL (Standard Function Library) is an open source portable function library for C/C++ programs. Written by iMatix, the SFL provides about 450 functions for compression, encryption, encoding, datatype conversion and formatting, dates, times, calendars, internet programming (MIME, CGI) and many more.

The SFL is written in ANSI C and has been ported to MS-DOS, Windows, OS/2, Linux and other UNIX systems (IBM AIX, SunOS, HP/UX, Solaris, NetBSD, FreeBSD, SCO OpenServer, Digital UNIX) and Digital OpenVMS. It comes with complete sources and documentation in HTML.

The SFL provides about 450 functions that cover these areas:

  • Compression, encryption, and encoding such as Base64 encoding;
  • Datatype conversion and formatting;
  • Dates, times, and calendars;
  • Directory and environment access;
  • User and process groups;
  • Inverted bitmap indices;
  • Symbol tables;
  • Error message files;
  • Configuration files;
  • String manipulation and searching;
  • File access;
  • Internet socket access;
  • Internet programming (MIME, CGI);
  • SMTP (e-mail) access;
  • Server (batch) programming;
  • Program tracing.

Download: Standard Function Library

Standard Function Library