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    I use windows 2000 for my personal use, but one of my friend uses Red Hat Linux for his personal use.
    Every day we have arguments about which is the best. I just want to know what other people think is the best. If you want to post the OS you think is the best and a reason (optional) on this form. This will finally prove that windows is the best!!!! (I am only looking for peoples opinion)

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    What is ‘Best’ ? In what respect ?
    If a user can find one task which can only be done by one but not by the others, then that one is the “best” for that moment, for that user. As always, “The Best Is Yet To Be.”

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    wel its an endless discussion that what is best?
    Answer to this question would be
    Both are best (for the one who is using it) :)
    Any how different people may have different ideas?
    Lets see how people think about it?

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    well it depeneds on your needs. Windows is good for software because, so much software is built for it. On the other hand linux is good for programmers(what i heard) and it is gets its secureness because it is unix based. Mac is for graphics mostly, cause it supports firewire and there is lots of good multimedia software for it. I use windows xp mostly beause i have some games and i use swift 3d.
    i gotta run cya later.

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    I use Win 7 it came with the Laptop
    If it was as i wish i still would use Win Xp

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    The switch from Windows XP to Vista has created a world of opportunity — not only for Microsoft, but for supporters of competing operating systems. While Microsoft is hoping it can move its customers easily to a new version of Windows,

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