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    OOO “Program Verification Systems” Company informs you that the first beta-version of static C/C++ code analyzer VivaMP has been released.

    VivaMP is a lint-like static C/C++ code analyzer meant to indicate errors in parallel programs based on OpenMP technology. VivaMP static analyzer adds much to the abilities of the existing compilers, diagnoses any parallel code which has some errors or is an eventual source of such errors. The analyzer is integrated into VisualStudio2005/2008 development environment

    Fields of application of VivaMP:
    – Verification of code correctness of OpenMP based applications .
    – Help in mastering OpenMP and its integration into the existing projects
    – Developing parallel applications which use resources more efficiently.
    – Error search in the existing OpenMP applications.

    Article VivaMP – a tool for OpenMP

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