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    Using interrupts is really fun. The interrupts give the absoulte power to the programer. The bios routine can directly be executed. things like accesing the flopy in low leve and reading sector by sector. Reading the time from bios CMOS.

    in order to execute a interrupt and get the result u need to do following steps. first define union REGS inregs,outregs pass the subroutine value through the inregs
    invoke an interrupt with the int86 command and get the result in out regs

    this is the procedure to run any interrupt subroutine.

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    Can you Please give some code sample, to do this.
    Actually I have never beeen into this area.

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    As i already explained how to use intrepput routine in BIOS now here is example to get the time from the CMOS

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    Thanks for your support.
    I have’t tried this code due to some business, After testing this code I will again ask for your support.

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