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      Visual C# provides Java developers with a language that is immediately familiar and comfortable to them, regardless of skill level.

      Object-based Type System
      Visual C# provides developers with a modern and intuitive object-based type system that negates the need for complex and verbose data marshalling code commonly found in Java applications.

      Powerful Component-oriented Development
      Visual C# provides developers with a powerful component-oriented development language that includes support for properties, indexers, delegates, inheritance, versioning, and attributes, without the need for esoteric or rigid naming patterns and companion classes.

      XML Comments
      Visual C# allows developers to use Extensible Markup Language (XML) Comments to provide useful and customizable source code documentation.

      Standards-based Language
      Visual C# provides developers with a standards-based language that ensures community involvement and consistent innovation.

      Interactive XML Web Services
      Visual C# allows developers to deploy and consume rich, interactive XML Web services that reduce development time by enabling software aggregation from any platform.

      Target Any Device
      Visual C# lets developers target powerful desktop computers and a wide variety of handheld and wireless devices today using identical tools and skills.

      Leverage the .NET Framework
      Visual C# provides developers with access to the Microsoft .NET Framework, a robust, thread-safe library of collection classes, networking functionality, data access classes, and more.

      “C Style” Memory
      Visual C# gives developers access to “C style” memory management and pointers when necessary, rather than forcing developers to author code in other languages using obtuse application programming interfaces (APIs).

      Visual Studio .NET IDE
      Visual C# provides developers with the award-winning Visual Studio .NET development environment, which includes support for Task Lists, Property Editors, Microsoft IntelliSense®, Forms Designers, and much more.

      http://msdn.microsoft.com/vcsharp/productinfo/topten/switch. aspx

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