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      Top 10 Reasons to Adopt Visual C#

      Strong C++ Heritage
      Visual C# leverages a strong C++ heritage that provides developers with a solid foundation for intelligent object- and component-oriented programming and a language that is immediately familiar and comfortable to C++ and Java programmers, regardless of skill level.

      Object-based Type System
      Visual C# provides developers with a modern and intuitive object-based type system that negates the need for complex and error-inducing pointer and template features found in other languages.

      Access the Microsoft .NET Framework
      Visual C# provides developers with access to the Microsoft .NET Framework, a robust, thread-safe library of collection classes, networking functionality, data access classes, and more.

      Component-oriented Development
      Visual C# provides developers with a powerful component-oriented development language that includes support for properties, indexers, delegates, inheritance, versioning, attributes, and much more.

      XML Comments
      Visual C# allows developers to use Extensible Markup Language (XML) Comments to provide useful and customizable source code documentation.

      Standards-based Language
      Visual C# provides developers with a standards-based language that ensures community involvement and consistent innovation.

      Interactive XML Web Services
      Visual C# allows developers to deploy and consume rich, interactive XML Web services that reduce development time by enabling software aggregation from any platform.

      Target Any Device
      Visual C# lets developers target powerful desktop computers and a wide variety of handheld and wireless devices using identical tools and skills.

      “C Style” Memory
      Visual C# gives developers access to “C style” memory management and pointers when necessary, rather than forcing developers to author code in other languages and tools.

      Visual Studio .NET IDE
      Visual C# provides developers with the award-winning Visual Studio .NET development environment, which includes support for Task Lists, Property Editors, Microsoft IntelliSense®, Forms Designers, and much more.

      http://msdn.microsoft.com/vcsharp/productinfo/topten/adopt.a spx

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      Wel I as a C Language developer then i tend towords JAVA, I love to program in JAVA.

      By seeing these C# qualities I am planning to get a bit know how of this language.

      I will also advise new guys who are in C/C++ goto this language.

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