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    Can anyone help me…?
    I am beginner in this….. for example this : “One function that builds full list of numbers, values read from the keypad “!


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    could try:

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    Thank you so much but,I’m sorry…bcz i said that i am Beginner can u write a smaller code and to explain me these code…..if it’s not a big problem for you…or some tutorial for Structures and Algorithms in C++ for Beginners…..? Thanks!

    Hacking is not a CRIME….???!!!

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    Heres a simple version ( the items are entered into the list from the back )

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    I had in exam in Structures and Algorithms in C++ for this code to wrote but i don’t know how to wrote in C++…..Pls anyone to help me :

    1) Are given a days courses, a currency exchange in the penny, the course (i) = 1,2,3, … 365 for 2007. The average month found that there were higher average savings. .

    Anyone for help…?

    Maybe have some gramatically mistakes….sorry…bcz i don’t know so English Gramar

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    Not sure what your doing. Does this relate to linked lists?

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    Since you are a beginner, so you better study the following site. which will help you understand this more better.

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