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      Plz tell me the size of class D?
      If we inherite class A and B in class D then size of class D is 1 byte.
      but when we inherite class A,B and C then in class D then size of class D will be 2 byte.


      class A{

      class B{

      class C{

      class D:public A, public B, public C{

      int main()
      A a;
      B b;
      C c;
      D d;

      cout << "Size of CLASS A " << sizeof(a) << endl;
      cout << "Size of CLASS B " << sizeof(b) << endl;
      cout << "Size of CLASS C " << sizeof(c) << endl;
      cout << "Size of CLASS D " << sizeof(d) << endl;

      return 0;

      Please solve my problem..

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