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    i found this website very helpful in all C/++/# programming language for every one want start learning C programming and great thanks for the owner. and i ask him to continue and make it full by adding some tutorial about important Header files thats needed in every program like Windows.h / WinSock2.h/ ctype.h/ stdio.h/ etc
    my question about WinSock2.h header file that include all WinSocket functions. I am new in c/c++ and i learned how to make tool/program/project and all important things about programming in c/++ but all that in local programs like calculator, time&date etc. now im about to leanr how to make connection between some programs like Program that connecting to website or database & between client and server etc, but i need to understand how can i use Socket Functions and that
    a what i need to know tutorial or codes/ exampling that how can i use Winsock2.h file with it`s important Functions any help in that please ?

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