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    Can anyone please help me…. i understand the question but i dunno how to program it… my stupid code cannot work Please help~~~ I beg you… really beg you

    The Grade Point Average (GPA) is a number, calculated to 3 decimal places (eg. 2.375), which indicates the performance of a student in an examination. It is calculated by the formula:
    GPA = Total Quality Points / Total Credits (for all units taken)

    For each unit taken,
    Quality Point (QP) = Grade Point * Credits
    [ Grade Point = 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, 0 for grades A, B, C, D, E, F respectively; ]
    [ Credits is obtained from the last digit of the Unit Code. ]

    Eg. if a student scores ‘B’ for AACS1084, and ‘C’ for AACS1123, his GPA is:

    GPA = (QP for AACS1084 + QP for AACS1123)
    Credits for 1084 + Credits for 1123

    = (3 * 4) + (2 * 3) = 12+6 = 2.571
    4 + 3 7

    Q1.(a) Create 2 arrays to store the grades of all students in a class. The grades for each unit are to be keyed in by the user and stored in an array. (ie. one array for AACS1084 grades and another array for AACS1123 grades. The first student’s grades will be stored as the first element of each array, 2nd student’s grades as the 2nd element, etc.)
    Note: The number of students in a class is not fixed. Use DEFINE CLASS_SIZE to cater for the required size.
    (b) Create a third array and fill it with the calculated GPAs of the students of the classes. (eg. The first student’s GPA will be stored as the first element.)
    (c) Two reports are to be displayed: Examination Performance Report and Results Analysis Report). Refer to the report formats on page 2. You will need to access the appropriate arrays you have created earlier, and create more arrays where necessary.
    Q2.(a) Define a structure variable that can store an index number (eg. 11234ADIB), a student’s full name (eg. Stephen Chow), and the gender of the student (eg. ‘M’). Create an array of this structure to store details of all students in the class. The details are to be keyed in by the user. (The first student’s details will be stored as the first element of the array, and so on.)
    (b) An Examination Result Notification is to be produced for every student. Refer to the format on page 2. You will need to access most of the arrays you have created in Q1 and Q2(a).


    i nid this by 17 of november >.<

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