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    1.C prog to find the sum of series 1+(1/3!)-(1/5!)+(1/7!) uptop 20 terms upto 3 decimal places.
    2.C prog to find the sum of cubes of first n integers.
    3.C prog to calculate the length of string without using strlen function.
    4.C prog to read a text file and replace its content in such a way that only one word is found in each line.
    5.Given 3 integers , write a C prog to find the minimum among these by pairwise comparison.
    6.C prog to find the sum of series 1+x-((x^2)/2)+((x^3)/3)-((x^4)/4) upto 20 terms.
    7.C prog to find the sum of series 1+(1/2!)-(1/3!)+(1/4!)-(1/5!)upto first n integers has to be evaluated.
    8.C prog to verify whether a square matrix is symmetric or not .
    9.A text file that stores number of students in a class, one per line exists.Write a C prog to read this file and write it in reverse order.
    10.C prog to print the sum of series S=x-((x^3)/3!)+((x^5)/5!)+((x^7)/7!)+…..n terms

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    Do you have a formula for the sum of the first series ( or the name ) ?

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