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    Well, I mean from one single source code you can now compile your C application on Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux.This new studio we are launching is a tool that no one seems to know about yet, but we think it is going to be of immense benefit to programmers. So, we are enlisting the help of programmers to help us get the word out. You can download a 30 day free trial from our website (and learn something about the product from the website, too) at the platform independence, XVT also provides graphical (WYSIWYG) layout tools for the GUI, which then generates the C code for the
    screens you designed.XVT guides you through the development process from defining the architecture to laying out the interface to building the final application.

    Using the XVT libraries, you simply compile on all the platforms you need. With XVT, you can: 

    • Drag & drop runtime objects to create relationships (hierarchy) [/*:r14zwadc]
    • Quickly lay out the user interface  [/*:r14zwadc]
    • Customize screen layouts for different monitors  [/*:r14zwadc]
    • Manage object states using a simple tabbed dialog  [/*:r14zwadc]
    • Automatically preserve and regenerate the modifications you elect to make to the C code  [/*:r14zwadc]
    • Achieve native language performance without learning proprietary languages or different toolkits  [/*:r14zwadc]
    • Integrate existing or third-party development toolsTry it (free).[/*:r14zwadc]

    If you like it, please tell about it! Developers helping developers is what it is all about.

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    er, I meant PLATFORM/OS independence, but sometimes I type faster than I can spell…

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