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      Doing a course in C++.Net which upto now has been ok and interesting. However Operator Overloading is confusing me to a great deal. There is plenty written on the subject but for Computer Scientists who just love mathematics and complicated text! To find something simple – it does not exist. I can use operator overloading like a parrot but I want to know what exactly is going on…how does the compiler treat an overloaded operator…etc.

      We were asked to make an Exponent class that will allow us to overload the ^ operator so that we can perform exponential notation so that you can have iResult=iNumber ^10 where iNumber equals 10 so that iResult equals 1000. This is my zillionth attempt but the overloaded function is not called..please help.

      This is the class:

      #pragma once
      using namespace std;
      class Exponentor
          //Exponentor operator ^ (int num1);
          //Exponentor operator ^ (Exponentor&);
          Exponentor operator^(int num1);
          int iLeftNum;
          int iRightNum;
          int iResult; // no private vars required...
      This is the code:
      #include "exponentor.h"



      void main() {
          Exponentor Exponent;
          cout << "Welcome to Exponentor the exponent test programme!n";
          cout << "**************************************************n";
          int iRightNumber;
          cout << "Hello, please give me the left operand:";
          cin >> iRightNumber;
          cout << "nand now please give me the right operand:";
          int iAnyNumber;
          cin >> iAnyNumber;
          Exponent.iResult=iRightNumber ^ iAnyNumber;
          cout << "nThe result of  " <<
      Exponent.iLeftNum << " raised to " << iAnyNumber << "
      is:" << Exponent.iResult << endl;

      //Exponentor operator^(int num1);
      Exponentor Exponentor::operator^(int num1)
          cout << "In the function";

          return *this;

      Thanks in advance

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