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      OIOIC is a completely new object-oriented mechanism for the C programming language.

      Using OIOIC, you can describe the flower, birds, grass, insects, trees, houses …
      Using OIOIC, you can describe the elements, atoms, protons, electrons …
      Using OIOIC, you can describe the earth, the sun, the Milky Way galaxy, collapsar …
      Using OIOIC, you can describe …

      1. OIOIC perfectly supplies the gap of object-oriented technology for the C programming language;
      2. OIOIC perfectly solved the multiple inheritance problem in the Software World;
      3. OIOIC perfectly objectivizes multithreading access control of object;
      4. OIOIC unifies the norm of components in the Software World;
      5. OIOIC unifies the structure of code tree in the Software World;
      6. OIOIC unifies the thinking of object-oriented programming in the Software World;
      7. OIOIC unifies all advanced programming languages in the Software World, to make the C programming language as the preferred.

      For further information, please download the “OIOIC-Primer-2nd-Edition-English.tar.gz”. (the English version of << OIOIC Primer >>) http://code.google.com/p/oioic/downloads/list

      Welcome your advice!

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