need help in adding a charecter to the file name

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    if the account number is “abcd” then i need to have to check whether “abcd1” or “abcd2” or …… is existing or not.

    if it is not existing then i need to create it.

    so how can i do this

    any suggestions

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    hello see i have an account name abcd already exixting in DB

    and i need to get that account number from the DB and then check in a particular location that, that particular file is present or not like abcd1 or2 or 3…

    and then suppose if abcd2 is present then it should create a new file by the name abcd3

    like this it should go on

    now i hope you can help me

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    could just do this:

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    Try this code for you requirement It will solve you problem.
    As you want it will check for abcd if it is there it will check for abcd1 file.

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