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    plz anyone can tell me……how can we produce an error like lvalue and rvalue required.
    basically lvalue stands for left value and rvalue for right value.
    but i am unable to bring these errors in my programs….

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    An L-value violation is easy , just put a constant on the left hand side of an equation:

    You need something that is assignable for a L-value. R-value violations are tougher , I’ll have to look into this…….

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    hello sir,
    so u have changed ur name from cman to dman…..
    actually i know about LVALUE concept,but i m still alien about RVALUE.
    please find it somewhere and reply…..

    also i have posted a problem for “program without header files”…please reply on that too.

    thanks for replying.

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    For an R-value violation you could do this:

    pretty sure that would constitute a R-value violation…….

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    thank you for both the answers…..
    i’ll try them.

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