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    I have this project that i need to redo the exact same way, but using structs. I can get as far as creating the structs with the fields, however, I am having difficulty getting started, I don’t quite have down the concept, or at least i’m having trouble ‘wrapping’ my head around the concept, i just can’t seem to get started; past the declaration.

    any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    You really just need to group all your data together ( structs are handy for this purpose ). So if you have a function prototype like:

    change it to:

    when you need to access a member of the struct , just use the dot operator and use the data as usual:

    not too much to the conversion …….

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    Thank you!

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    A little correction. It seems you are passing arrays of names , id’s and crn into the function:

    so you would change your prototype to :

    and access the data members like this:

    my bad ………

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