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      Hi ,
      I am a beginner in C++.
      I want to know how can we access data member of a class from another class. I am facing problem in visualizing the things in writing separate .h and .cpp file.
      Here I explain the things.We have three classes.
      In a.cpp (assuming the a.h files is wriiten )

      #include "a.h"
      int ii=1;
      void A:: fun_a()
      cout<<"Value in A:"< }

      In b.h

      #include "a.h"
      Class B

      int jj;
      A b_aa;

      void fun_b();
      void change_ii();


      In b.cpp

      #include "b.h"

      void B::fun_b()
      cout<<"value in A:" << ii <<"value in B:" < }
      void B::change_ii()

      // suppose both the functions are called and the value of ii is 5 and jj is 2
      //Now I want to access the data ii from and jj from the C class.
      //I want to assign kk a member of C class or a simple variable the value of ii (i.e. 5).

      How to go about it ?
      If declare a member of type B in our C class..it will carete another instance of B but does not contains the data in the live B object.
      Is passing a reference to the B class in the contructor of C class is asolution? If so, whow to do that. I am getting confused in implementin this concept.
      And what other ways are there?

      Thanks and regards,

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