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      divyak kumar

      I am a beginner.The following code in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 IDE gives out an error.
      It compiles with no errors and no warnings.
      Then makes with no errors and no warnings.
      But displays a dialog box showing that there is an error and asking to report it to Microsoft.

      What is the correct usage of char*?
      Can anybody please help me?

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      try this code.

      As you have declared a pointer which points a character.
      char* yourName;
      Now you are getting a value from the user and trying to store it in pointer type variable. scanf() function takes the address of the variable i.e. pointer to that variable and store the input. As you have already declared the pointer and you code scanf(“%s”, &yourName); is trying to save that input value in the address of that pointer. Which is logically incorrect. Your code looks fine and no error but it has a logical mistake that is why it compiles fine but gives error at runtime. You code should look like scanf(“%s”, yourName);

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      divyak kumar

      That works well!!

      Thank you for taking your time, and nice brief explanation.

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      hi,sakuntala how are you ?what are you doing?

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      divyak kumar

      I’m still learning programming.
      Somewhat familiar with Visual Basic 6.0 and trying to learn Visual C++, gcc, and Visual C#.

      I am a first year undergraduate student at University of Colombo School of Computing.


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