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      Author(s) : Havoc Pennington
      Publication date : Aug 1999
      ISBN : 0-7357-0078-8
      Pages : 492
      Publisher : New Riders Publishing
      GTK+/Gnome Application Development is about Gnome from a developer’s point of view; it describes how to write a Gnome application using the Gnome libraries and tools.

      Gnome’s application development framework centers around a suite of libraries, all written in portable ANSI C and intended to be used on UNIX-like systems. Libraries which involve graphics rely on the X Window System. Wrappers are available which export the Gnome API to nearly any language you can think of, including Ada, Scheme, Python, Perl, Tom, Eiffel, Dylan, and Objective C. There are at least three different C++ wrappers as well.

      This book will cover the C interface to the libraries; however, it should be useful for users of any language binding, since the mapping from C to your preferred language is typically straightforward. The book covers version 1.0 of the Gnome libraries (including the compatible bug fix releases, such as 1.0.9 — all 1.0.x versions are compatible).

      This book assumes some knowledge of GTK+ programming; chapters 2 and 3 will give you a quick overview if your knowledge is minimal, but they move very quickly. Most of the specific widgets in GTK+ are not covered. The book is intended to introduce Gnome programming, and some advanced GTK+ topics; it is a supplement to an introductory GTK+ book.

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