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      I’m attempting to link a home-brewed C++ program to a rail-trafffic simulation model (adapted for hoobbyist use) with little success.
      The commerical program (Railsoft Train Dispatcher) offers an I/O interface in the form of a text file, which must be maintained in the same folder as the application.
      Attempts to write to this file have been unsuccessful so far, though occasionally, the compliler (DEV, on Windows XP) will create a new file within the C++ application.
      Admittedly, I’m very much a neophyte; but any input from the membership would be appreciated, and I’ll try to provide further details as the problem unfolds.

       UPDATE 10/7/07 
      Since the previous post. I’ve been successful in writing output to a 3.5″ floppy diskette, but attempts to write to my p/c’s hard disk (by changing ‘a’ to ‘c’ in relevant code lines) have not been successful as yet.
      One possibility that has occured to me is the need for additional pre-processing directives. I’m currenty using ifstream, ofstream, and have added iomanip since the original post.

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