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      please i need a clue on how to start drawing a chess board in dev-c++.

      it seems it does not find the header file . need help.

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      Someone has already done the hardwork for you :D. So you can use the same graphis.h functions and library. So what you have to do is, http://www.uniqueness-template.com/devcpp/ checkout this webpage, read through it, and download the gaphics library and graphics.h header file. Or directly download the library file from here. http://www.codecutter.net/tools/winbgim/V6_0/WinBGIm_Library6_0_Nov2005.zip
      Next step is to read the manual on how to prepare you project to use this library. And thats it, you are done.
      Here is a simple graphics program which i wrote for my Borland compiler 3. But the same program without any modifications is working fine on Dev-C++ 4.9.

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