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    CSharpJavaMerger is an open source tool. It provides common interfaces of C# and Java and enables you to write one set of code which can be used both by C# and Java.

    Below is a method that can be used in both of C# and Java. In the sample, CString is a class defined in the CSharpJavaMerger Framework.

    public void AddTwoValues()
    CString strValue1 = m_mainForm.GetFirstTextBoxValue();
    CString strValue2 = m_mainForm.GetSecondTextBoxValue();

    int iValue1 = strValue1.ToInteger();
    int iValue2 = strValue2.ToInteger();
    int iResult = iValue1 + iValue2;
    CString strShowResult = CString.ValueOf(iResult);
    CString strSaveResult = new CString(strValue1.GetValue() + ” + ” + strValue2.GetValue() + ” = ” + strShowResult.GetValue() + “n”);
    catch (Exception ee)
    m_mainForm.SaveResult(new CString(ee.Message + “n”));
    m_mainForm.ShowResult(new CString(“Error”));

    More info on CSharpJavaMerger:

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    Thanks for the information.

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