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      i am working with a matrix manipulation program…consists of a matrix class and its member functions..i have also overloaded << and >>…so dat dey can read and print d whole matrix at one statement..the code of these overloaded operators is something like this..

      here i have received the variable matrix1 by reference…in main() i have used a variable matrix1 which is passed as follows :matrix matrix1;cin >> matrix1;now…my question is : wat if i want to pass a pointer variable which should be received by a reference…smthing like this…

      the overloaded function for pointer thing is coded as follows :

      however my problem is when i execute the program…then while taking input for a pointer matrix…it just reads one value instead of all the values..but doesnt even print that single value..i think there must be bug in those overloaded functions used for pointer variable.. :(so please check out the functions and post the solution or your suggestions…

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      Can you post the whole code?

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