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      i am prateek…..i have read in a book that header files basically contains the prototypes and return types of the
      pre defined functions.so if we try to define the return types of the pre defined function.
      then is it possible to do it without using any header file?
      plz do reply if u know any program without header files…..

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      You could do this if you choose to write everything from scratch ( you will need to write your own input / output functions in assembly language for DOS I’m not sure if you can do this for Windows , though ). I’ll see if I can write an example latter…..

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      no we cant make program without header files because for display and taking input we use stdio.h and conio.h which is really required. but if u r doing program in Turbo C 3.0 or higher version then these 2 header file is not required because it automatically adds the header files to it.
      if u want to use any header file except these two u have to add library files…….

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      it possible but it also depends upon compiler, means if u are using turboc2 compiler then it is possible other wise u have to use
      .c after every file name. ex filename.c that there after no need to use header file in C programming. But specially want to say that use of header file is good habit some time it is required.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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