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      Here is the program I have at the moment

      int main (void) //Main program function

      char *stores[3] = {"Del Mar", "Encinitas", "La Jolla"};
      float taxPercent[3]={7.25, 7.5, 7.75}; // Tax variable for all three stores
      float price; //float variable for the price

      do {
      printf("ttKudler Fine Foods Tax Calculatornn"); // prints header
      printf("Please enter the amount of your purchase: ");
      scanf("%f", &price);

      if (0.0 > price) {
      printf("Purchase amount must be positiven");
      } while(price < 0.0);

      float taxTotal[3] = {price * (taxPercent[0]/100), price * (taxPercent[1]/100), price * (taxPercent[2]/100)}; //calculates the total for each store

      printf("nThe tax for the %s store at %.2f%% is %.2f", stores[0], taxPercent[0], taxTotal[0]); //prints tax information for Del Mar
      printf("nThe tax for the %s store at %.2f%% is %.2f", stores[1], taxPercent[1], taxTotal[1]); //prints tax information for Encinitas
      printf("nThe tax for the %s store at %.2f%% is %.2f", stores[2], taxPercent[2], taxTotal[2]); //prints tax information for La Jolla

      getch(); // waits for user to press a key

      return 0; // return of int main()

      } // end main

      I want to add a timeout function on the if statement in blue and then clear the screen with system(“cls”); Any help on how to create the timeout function?

      I am using Dev C++ compiler and what I am trying to do is asking a user to enter a purchase amount, if it is negative I am giving them a message it must be positive then after about 10 second clear the screen so they can reenter a proper purchase price.

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      You use can sleep function for prompting to require amount of time.

      In condition you add the sleep(10).

      It will wait for 10 seconds, then do the require stuffs

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