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      Lab assignment 4 – Question 1.

      Hi everyone,

      I’m new to C++ programming and i am finding it a little bit confusing, any help would be great. :oops:

      Write a C program that reads an integer number and then determines and prints whether it is odd or even number.

      „ Use simplest form if statement
      „ Use scanf function to read an integer input from keyboard
      „ Use printf function to display the result

      • If it is odd number, display the message “? is an odd number”.
      • If it is even number, display the message “? is an even number”
      „ Hint : Use the remainder operator. An even number is a multiple of two. Any multiple of two leaves a
      remainder of zero when divided by 2.

      Thanks for any help……daisy :P

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      could do

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      Thank you, dman

      I can understand it when someone lays it out nice and simple as you have done. I really appreciate the assistance, and I feel so much better now, thanks again…. :D

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