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    C++ In Action: Industrial Strength Programming Techniques
    Author(s) : Bartosz Milewski
    Publication date : June 2001
    ISBN : 0-201-69948-6
    Pages : 485
    Publisher : Addison-Wesley Pub Co
    C++ In Action progresses through object-oriented programming and language features specific to C++, techniques for modifying programs, the Windows programming paradigm, and the large-scale aspects of software development. The author covers the standard template library, resource management, exception handling, and encapsulating the Windows API into C++ classes, namespaces, and templates.

    The online version structure itself is unique in a way that it looks and feels like a hypertext tutorial rather than a book, as the author itself mentioned it on the preface. The hope is that it will not only make the online version more interesting for the reader, but that it will help the learning process.

    You might be a beginner who wants to learn C++. You might be a student who wants to supplement his or college education. You might be a new programmer who is trying to make a transition from the academic to the industrial environment. Or you might be a seasoned programmer in search of new ideas. C++ In Action should satisfy you no matter what category you find yourself in.
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