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      give a lots of error vs warning, I think that having trouble with function calls, and passing to main function, but i have no idea to fix cause the book i am studying hasnt clear out much.

      summerize what program will do :

      open a file with 2 columes; one is letter of f or m (represent for female and male), the other colume is GPA (grade).

      read it and sum the gpa of female , sum the gpa of male, and display the everage of female and male gpa.

      the function calls need to have 5 of them:

      initialize variable

      open and format output

      sum gpa of female and male

      find the average of female male gpa

      print the rerults.

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      Could you give an example of what both the input and output files. The real problem with your program is how its organized and you haven’t used reference variables for some functions…..

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