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      I am doing a big project for personal goal to get more familiar with C# Programming and SQL, ok the project is a help desk simple and small, i have 3 forms, the first asks you to either go into form 2 which is the profile to have the user enter customer profile information (first name, last name etc) and in form 2 there are 4 buttons, add (add new customer profile), Delete (delete customer profile that is selected), Update( select the customer from the listbox and in the text field change anything and have it take changes fast in SQL database), and of course close,

      MY problem i have the code below, for the add button, when i click on it, it will add a new blank field in the list box which after i click add, i have to click on the list box for a drop down of a blank line and select it to add, is there a way to just click add and it clears all fields for the add new customer profile?

      The Delete button is also a problem, when i select a profile to delete, it delete the entire thing!! not good, and what is weird is it has the same problem as the update, any changes made using the C# to interact with SQL DB, once i close out the program and re-open it, the changes made are gone, it goes back to older.

      Update problem is when i make a change click update, it looks like it works because i go out of form 2 back to form 1, click on form2 again and it took the change, but closing out the program entering it back it will go back to old settings, whats the deal? i know the buttons are hard to get but button 2 is update, button 3 is add, button 4 is delete. i have ALL the code listed below PLEASE HELP!! MSDN or other forums no help….

      This is form 2 customer profile:

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