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    Is someone can give me a basic overview on this issue?…
    I’m actually getting basic informations to start my project.
    I just bought a piece of hardware and the company of course provide
    the driver to connect the hardaware the USB port.
    As per them, I will need windows visual c++ to do whatever I need
    to modified their software. They told me that they have a SDK .
     Now I’m wondering where to start from !
    I guess I will need to get windows visual C++,
    but do I need visual studio ??? (what version do you suggest).
    Is visual C++ 2005 good enought (is it free?)
    Once they provide me the SDK, how can I modified their application ?
    The project is related to my PC communicating via a standard phone company, Is any good documentation for helping me out regarding on how to make my script to dial a phone number, or wait for a phone call and so on…
    Brgds Charlie 

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    Wel you can get visual studio 2005 from microsoft website. You can download or order a free visual studio 2005 from the website which will include visual C++ 2005. Here is the link for both of them.
    To communicate with phone using your PC you can use Microsoft Telephonic API (TAPI).
    this will help you out.

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    tks a lot msaqib,
    I will read this stuff.
    Will try to get this together.   

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    mention not charlie :)
    That trial version of visual studio if for 90 days so you haev lot of time to play around the studio and do your stuff

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    Hello msaqib,
    I did find windows visual c++ version 6. This should be ok I guess.
    I would like to know one think, the hardware developper just told me that to have their SDK or any development request can cost up to 5 K , but I don’t want my project for business, this is for test related and of course I won’t spend any money on this. Their hardware (using usb port) is working with windows XP sp2, and his  application (that I cannot modify) can apparently deal with a standard phone line and as per this hardware company specified that windows have all the drivers to deal with the hardware.  As a newbies into programming, can you or someone give me How can I make an application to test this hardware to let say answer a simple phone call.  As per your help, I want to msdn, and I found the following;
    Do you think, I will need windows SDK ?
    Please can you give me a general idea on what you will do to make my script to test this piece of hardware ?
    Brgds Charlie

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    i like your sharing so much.its really good piece of information for us.good work
    keep it up.thanks

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