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    please help me.i must write the programm using function and pointer,that should be shown like animation.please send me animation can be simple.

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    Here is a portion of a program for “Bank managgement system” which I worte while I was in my Bachelors of IT. To make an animation in C Language you will need to create the image at run time and move that image on the screen. What i have done is created a bitmap using circles, arcs & different colors, and tried to make some sort of a logo, then put the whole graphics area in an image using getimage() function & used putimage() to show the image on the screen. To make an animation in C Language I have put this image in a loop which animates the image  on the screen in scrolling mode.

    Also I have made another animation which makes a complete line from a single point.

    And at the end I have made another animation effect using the line() function again.

    Below is the main source code of the complete animation. You can modify it according to your needs.

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    thank you very much.

    but i need to do that on Turbo C.and which should be simple.

    just using function and pointer and time duration.

    just using characters like walking man,i want to do basketball player who threw the ball and ball enters goal.Smile

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